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Guests who are staying, please read this.

【Check in】15:00〜

【Check out】10:00

​①When you come, please be careful not to forget the email containing the key number.

②Each room is equipped with a TV, but since it is a tuner-less TV, please log in by yourself before using it.

③If you are staying for consecutive nights, the room will not be cleaned during your stay. However, towels for each day are provided. Additionally, if you are staying for an extended period, house cleaning will be provided once every three days. Please be aware of this in advance.

④Our facility does not have staff on-site at all times. For inquiries, please contact us at this email address:

B03 Parking for Guests Only

Please park on the right side of the photo.

駐車場位置 (3).png

Guests staying in B03, please use this.​

駐車場位置 (1).png

A02 Parking for Guests Only

You can use both number 7 and number 8.


Guests staying in A02, please use this. You can use both number 7 and number 8.

駐車場位置 (2).png


Please go up these stairs.

Entrance Door

Please enter by operating the number key located above the doorknob.


Key Number

①Please prepare the email with the key number attached.

②Enter the PIN and press the ✔︎ button located at the bottom right.

③When going out, please lock the door by pressing the 🔒 symbol located at the bottom left.


Imabari Towels

Please enjoy the Imabari towels, a specialty of Imabari city. However, please refrain from taking the amenities home.

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